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Business Loans

Growing a business is hard – but getting a loan can be even more challenging if you don’t know the ins and outs of the finance market.

So rather than go through the painstaking work of comparing lenders and preparing applications, let Naked Finance do it for you.

We can help you:

  • Buy a commercial property
  • Buy new vehicles and equipment
  • Secure invoice financing

How to choose the right business loan

Whether you need a business loan to expand your operations, move premises or cover an unexpected bill, it’s important to find a great loan that suits your specific needs.

The first thing you’ll need to decide is whether to get a secured business loan, which requires you to use an asset as collateral, or an unsecured business loan, which does not.

If you do provide security, it would generally need to be a high-value item, such as property, vehicles, inventory or equipment.

What are the pros and cons of a secured business loan?

Secured loans come with a lower risk for lenders, because they can seize and sell the asset if you default on the loan. As a result, secured finance typically has lower interest rates than unsecured business finance. You may also be able to borrow more money and have a longer loan repayment term.

On the other hand, secured loans are riskier for the borrower, as you have to put your asset on the line. And secured finance often takes longer to organise, because there’s more documentation involved.

What are the pros and cons of an unsecured business loan?

An unsecured business loan lets you secure funds without needing to put up an asset as collateral. But because the lender is taking more of a risk, you probably won’t be able to borrow as much money as you would with a secured business loan. Also, you will have to pay a higher interest rate.

However, the application is usually faster, because there’s no need to have an asset valued. You may also have more flexibility on how to spend the borrowed funds.

Comparing commercial loans

If you want commercial finance to buy a commercial property, such as an office, warehouse or factory, you’ll have no choice but to provide the property as security.

There are lots of commercial finance lenders in Australia, all of which have different product options and credit rules, so it’s important to be very selective.

Your borrowing power can vary significantly from lender to lender – sometimes by hundreds of thousands of dollars. Interest rates, fees and maximum loan-to-value ratios can also vary.

What is invoice finance?

Invoice finance is a loan against the value of invoices that your business has sent out but not yet collected.

With invoice finance, your unpaid invoices become the security – these are provided as collateral in return for a loan.

Invoice finance can provide a quick boost to your cashflow, as you can generally access the funds within one business day.

How to search for the best business and commercial loans

A business loan can give your business a much-needed boost, provided you find a lender and product that’s suitable for your unique needs.

The best business loan for your specific situation won’t always be the one with the lowest interest rate; sometimes, a higher-rate business loan might be more suitable if, for example, it has a faster approval time or comes with more flexible borrowing terms.

The same goes for commercial property loans and invoice finance – interest rates are important, but they’re not the be all and end all.

Finding the right business loan, commercial loan and invoice finance can be hard to do in Australia’s crowded business finance market. And if you apply with the wrong lender or structure your application incorrectly, you might get rejected – potentially damaging your credit score.

So rather than going it alone, why not work with Naked Finance?

The process will not only be easier and faster than doing it yourself, it’s also likely to produce a better result. That’s because Naked Finance has relationships with many lenders, knows their products inside out and can package your loan application in a way that maximises your chances of approval.

David Weir
David Weir
February 7, 2024.
Keira & Jeremy went above and beyond to find an excellent deal for my circumstances. As a self-employed professional, finding decent financing options can be difficult, but Naked Finance sought out a solution that suited my needs. Thanks so much!
Anaiya Dabasia
Anaiya Dabasia
February 6, 2024.
We wanted to express our sincere gratitude for all your hard work and dedication in helping us navigate the complexities of obtaining our mortgage. Receiving the news that our loan has been settled was truly a moment of joy and relief for us. Throughout this journey, your professionalism, expertise, and support have been invaluable. From the initial application to the final settlement. Keira, Jeremy, your assistance has been instrumental in bringing us to this stage in our property purchase, and we cannot thank you enough. Rest assured, we will not hesitate to recommend your services to our friends and family. Once again, thank you for your outstanding service, and we look forward to crossing paths with you in the future.
Shelly Johnstone
Shelly Johnstone
November 21, 2023.
Keira and Jeremy have gone above and beyond for us yet again! This was our second time using Naked Finance and even with some VERY complex borrowing needs (and the current financial climate) Keira was able to guide us through the process with professionalism and good humor. So glad to have both of them on our team as it really took all the stress off us as we navigate building for the first time!
Kylie Oxley
Kylie Oxley
August 25, 2023.
Thankyou just isn't enough, Jeremy has been incredibly professional and has honestly changed my life. The support and advice I have received throughout this journey has been amazing from both Jeremy and Keira. I will definitely be recommending Jeremy to everyone :)
Kaycee Walker
Kaycee Walker
August 1, 2023.
Kiera & Jeremy helped me to re-finance and secure an investment property all in one seamless transaction! Thank-you for the great advice and communication throughout the whole process 😇
Henry Hussey
Henry Hussey
July 25, 2023.
Jeremy and Keira walked us through the chaos of first home buying with ease. Being able to sit down and have a conversation was great and communication as a whole was sublime. Thank you Naked Finance!
marcelle coakley
marcelle coakley
May 26, 2023.
Absolutely fantastic from start to finish from Jeremy and Keira! I was kept up to date all the way and they answered all my queries quickly and with great detail. Would highly recommend Naked Finance to anyone needing a home loan - superb service and extremely professional all the way !
Jason Harman
Jason Harman
May 11, 2023.
Fantastic service from Naked Finance! An amazing job getting our Mortgage sorted in these challenging times. Excellent communication, professionalism and knowledge. Was a pleasure to work with both Keira & Jeremy
April 27, 2023.
This is the first time we used a broker ( we should have done this years ago!). Jeremy and Keira helped us refinance our mortgage through this current crisis. They had so much knowledge on everything, and helped us out a greatly, and we ended up paying a lot less interest. We were able to get a way better deal after they extensively research and compared the market for us. They were always transparent and discussed all options with us. There was not a single question Jeremy couldn’t answer. I will definitely use them in the future again if needed! Highly recommended.

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